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Myth Busting Spirituality

Hi, I’m Pasquale. I’m a spiritual coach and my goal is to help you live a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

What do you think of when you hear spiritual person?

People conjure images of incense, people humming mantras, gurus in flowing robes, or people out of touch with the rest of society. That’s not correct.

But what is a spiritual person?

I’ll get to that in a minute.

First, though, I’d like to dispel popular myths regarding spiritual people. As you might suspect, stereotypes of spiritual people are not accurate. Here are five of my favorite myths:

Spiritual people are always at peace, happy, and positive. I wish.

It’s true that tapping into our spirituality empowers us to experience the world in a positive light. But we’re just like everyone else, riding the emotional roller coaster called the human condition.

Spiritual people are all vegans or vegetarians.

Okay, we tend to eat healthier than average because we’re in tune with our bodies. But most of us like steaks and cheeseburgers, too.

Spiritual people don’t drink alcohol.

Granted, we tend to be mindful of the amount we consume out of respect for our bodies. But most of us enjoy a good glass of wine, a beer, or a mixed drink to complement a meal or just to celebrate and enjoy life.

Spiritual people rise early and meditate for hours every day. I wish I had the time.

While getting a jump on the day and meditating are good, spiritual people aren’t obsessed with either. We do strive to live more productive, healthier lives fueled by our positive energies. And we try to meditate every day because it helps us release negative energies and invite positive ones into our bodies, but sometimes we only do it for a few minutes.

Spiritual people follow a Guru.

It would be a blessing if every spiritual person had their own Guru. Fact is that most spiritual people have never met a Guru. We do, however, often use spiritual coaches to teach us how to connect with our spirituality and how to meditate. The most fortunate among us have encountered amazing teachers and coaches along our journeys.

So, you see, spiritual people aren’t exotic or eccentric – they’re just like you, except that they have chosen to explore the spirituality that lives inside every person. Including you.

Like any worthwhile endeavor, there’s a little work involved in becoming a spiritual person. You’ll still live a normal life, full of ups and downs just like everyone else, but you’ll become stronger in two important ways:

You’ll discover greater meaning in being alive as you grow to appreciate your own worth and your right to lead a happy, fulfilled life.

You’ll learn how even a little meditation can enable you to release negative influences and manage your everyday experiences with greater calm and confidence.

Spirituality isn’t hocus-pocus. It’s you discovering how to live a more meaningful life by intimately connecting with the most important person on the planet: you.

To learn more about becoming a more spiritual person, please visit my website at

Thank you for visiting with me. I’m Pasquale, and I’m The Peaceful Sage.

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