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What is Crystal Reiki Healing

In recent years, crystals and reiki have become increasingly popular treatment modalities and well-known in supporting the body’s self-healing abilities as well as aiding in the balance of emotional energy and mental clarity. Crystals and Reiki, when used correctly, will increase energy or encourage relaxation, and ultimately work at the energetic level to heal dis-ease. Traditionally, these two modalities are not typically combined in a healing session, however, when used together the session becomes even more powerful.

Crystals each carry unique internal structures and most do not grow perfectly. When you shop for a crystal, you will notice that no crystal is exactly the same. This makes each crystal unique in the energy it carries and its healing properties.

Reiki originated in Japan and means “rei” universal and “ki” vital life force energy. It is a natural spiritual healing energy that flows through all living things. It is not tied to any religion or country. Reiki’s principles are centered around the transfer of energy through the use of energetic symbols to bring balance to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of your life.

Crystal Reiki Healing combines these two healing modalities to create a more powerful, well-rounded session for you as the client. The healing properties of the crystals combined with the energy of Reiki begin the shift in your vibration, allowing you to attract more healing.

Our body’s natural state is healthy. Most of our physical issues are often connected to our blocked emotions and thought patterns. Crystal Reiki Healing is the process of returning your body to its natural state of health.

Here are a few ways that crystal Reiki healing can benefit your life:

Healing the Mind

In today’s world, there are plenty of worries. It’s not a secret that the past year has caused many individuals’ mental health to decline, and as a society, mental health is at a dangerously low point. As we recognize these feelings, it’s also important to know that there are ways to ease them and return to a state of happiness.

Crystal Reiki healing includes elements that allow you to destress, improve sleep, and remove negative thoughts and energy so your mind can heal. This helps ease the mental pain you might be experiencing, leading you to be happier and have healthier energy. Many clients experience emotions as the energy begins to shift in our body. Our body is influenced by our mind. When we carry negative thoughts, it affects every aspect of our life. Many people say “I have” or “I am battling”, insert the name of the dis-ease. These negative intentions begin to mimic that same energy in our body. Instead, say “I am healing” or “My body is well and healed” from the name of the dis-ease.

The Law of Attraction teaches, we attract what we focus on and the Law of Manifestation states that we create what we focus on.

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Healing the Body

The energy your body carries has a surprising effect on your health, and Crystal Reiki Healing can alleviate physical aches and pains. In a Crystal Reiki Healing session, crystals are placed on areas of your body to help the body heal itself. Each session is tailored to fit your individual needs. For example, Shungite is used to remove negative energies and restore emotional balance to the body.

Throughout the healing process, you will feel relaxed and at peace. As the energies flow during the session, the body may respond with different sensations, which can include; heat, warmth, cold, pins-and-needles tingling, goosebumps, and color or dream-like visualizations.

Healing the Spirit

If you’re reading this post, it may be because you’re curious about crystals and Reiki. Maybe it’s because you want to explore alternative healing methods. Or maybe you’re skeptical and simply want to know more – no matter why you’re here, it’s very likely that your spirit is telling you that it needs something.

Crystal Energy Healing may also assist in Spiritual Awakening. Just like you care for your mind and body, you must also nurture your spirit. Crystal Reiki Healing is the perfect way to give your soul the attention and healing it needs to grow and support your life. The session can help increase our intuition and connect with our higher self, angels, and guides.

Animal Crystal Reiki Healing

It is well known that there are many healing benefits to being in the presence of an animal, which is why animal-assisted therapy is so successful. However, just as we take on each other’s energy, animals take on our energy as well. Crystal Reiki Healing supports the natural healing abilities within your pet, cleanses them of energy blockages and brings them back to a balanced energy state. When pets take on too much negative energy they, too, can become dis-eased. Notable shifts to their physical and emotional well-being after a Crystal Energy Healing Session making your pet happier and healthier.

If you are interested in Crystal Reiki Healing, contact The Peaceful Sage today to learn more or book your appointment.

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