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Crossing Over with Pasquale & Dr Traci
Departed Loved Ones & Their Journey to Stay With Us or Cross Over
Pasquale | Spiritual Life Coach

Departed Loved Ones & Their Journey to Stay With Us or Cross Over

This week, Dr. Traci and I delve into the topic of our Departed Loved Ones. Join us for an insightful discussion as we share our personal truths about grief and the connection with our departed loved ones. We'll explore how fear can often hold us back from healing and moving forward in our lives. Discover valuable insights and guidance in this touching discussion on finding comfort and understanding in the face of loss. Welcome to our Spiritual Psychology Support Group with Dr. Traci Moreno, Licensed Psychologist and Pasquale Naccarata, Spiritual Coach, Intuitive Guide, Astrologer and Crystal Reiki Master. This Support Group is for anyone on a Journey of Spiritual, Emotional and Physical Healing & Growth. Follow us now to help, support & encourage each other on this amazing yet challenging journey. Dr Traci and Pasquale talk about the parts of this journey that no one wants to talk about- the difficulties & the struggles. Supporting each other through these challenges is essential to our success. Subscribe Now & Help Us Build a Like-Minded Supportive Community 🙏🏼🕊️ @SpiritualPsychologySupport Please share your feedback, opinions, experiences, successes, and failures. Please tell us what topics you’d like us to talk about. We’ll also be holding live support groups. To Learn More about Dr Traci Moreno and Free Spirit Coaching & Psychological Services: To Learn More about Pasquale and The Peaceful Sage: To Attend an Event: ​⁠​⁠@freespiritcoaching ​⁠​⁠@pasqualespiritualcoach #crossingover #Death #Dying #spirits #Grief #grieving #loss #ghost #bereavement #Spiritual #Spirituality
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