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Chakras – Portals to Fulfillment

You have the right to be happy. Best yet – you can seize that happiness and lead a more meaningful and fulfilling life. It’s all a matter of getting in touch with your spirituality and understanding your Chakras.

Spirituality is not confined to traditional religious beliefs. Rather, it involves connecting with the energy that flows through you and connects you to everything around you and connects everything in the universe to you.

You may never have been taught to take care of yourself, to ensure that you developed the vision, confidence, and strength to take control of your emotional or physical well-being. Consequently, you may be taking damaging cues about your identity and worth from other people or institutions. 

You can heal your life and improve your sense of self-worth by identifying and connecting with your inner energy center.

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What is our energy center?

Your life force energy flows vertically from the base of your spine to the crown of your head. Your energy travels in two streams, called Yin and Yang. They travel upward, winding like snakes or strands of DNA until they open at the top of your head.

What are Chakras?

At the points where Yin and Yang intersect along their sinuous journey, energy vortexes are created. These are called Chakras (shah-krahs). There are seven main intersections: so, seven Chakras. Each is important because Chakras constitute the energy anatomy of your body.

Why are Chakras important?

You’re familiar with intuition. It’s how you sense people, situations, and things by interpreting their positive or negative energy. Intuition is a major influence in how you feel about yourself, too. Chakras communicate with and inform your intuition. They also feed the energy that you emit, which to considerable extent influences how others interpret you and how you relate to the universe. Spiritual people often refer to this energy as a vibration. It’s important to understand what your Chakras are and how to activate them because they are the portals to the power that enables you to take control of your life so that you can live in a more fulfilled and meaningful way and enjoy the happiness that is your right as a human being.

What are the Chakras called?

The seven main Chakras are:

  1. Root

  2. Sacral

  3. Solar Plexus

  4. Heart

  5. Throat

  6. Third Eye

  7. Crown

Does each Chakra have a specific role?

Yes. And each can be influenced by the health of the others. It’s necessary to understand how each Chakra functions to take control and exercising your right to a meaningful life characterized by your ability to freely express yourself, strive for whatever you aspire, and cast off the barriers to your happiness. When you are experiencing the best of your spirituality, your Chakras are healthy and undisturbed.

How are Chakras disturbed?

When you understand your Chakras, you can recognize when they are disturbed and learn how to heal them.

Remember how Yin and Yang flow like a stream, and how the places where those two streams flow together are call Chakras? 

Now envision the mingled energy streams flowing smoothly through a Chakra without any impediments. That vision represents a peaceful, undisturbed Chakra that empowers you to harmoniously manage the aspect of life that it influences.

Read on to learn what each Chakra does, how to know if its disturbed, and how to heal it. Picture all your Chakras stacked one atop the next in a stack that starts at the bottom of your spine and moves up to the top of your head.

The Root Chakra

Picture this energy vortex as a red ball glowing around the base of your torso. This Chakra represents your fundamental needs for food, clothing, shelter, and safety. It glows warmly and calmly when you have these things and warms you with thoughts of comfort. You will know that it is disturbed when you are afraid or threatened regarding any of these basic survival needs. When it is disturbed, you may experience feelings of fear, anxiety, or worry. Often these feelings cause physical pain such as lower back or muscle aches.

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The Sacral Chakra

Picture an orange ball glowing just above the Root Chakra. This energy vortex is the source of your sexual attraction and attractiveness and fuels your confidence that you are entitled to and capable of pleasure. You are worthy of love. You like others. They like you. You’ll know that this Chakra is disturbed when you entertain feelings of insecurity, rejection, or exclusion. These feelings can contribute to physical signs like lower back pain or reproductive organ issues.

The Solar Plexus Chakra

Picture a yellow ball glowing above the Sacral Chakra, around the center of your abdomen. This Chakra represents your ability to make a difference in the world. It’s your creative spark, your ability to focus, and your ability to positively influence others. It’s your ability to know that you have the right to make your own choices and connections. If you feel disappointed with yourself, your Solar Plexus Chakra is disturbed and needs to be healed. This can contribute to depression, fatigue or digestive issues.

The Heart Chakra

Picture a green ball glowing atop the Solar Plexus Chakra, around the center of your chest.

This Chakra emits energy that says that you are a loveable person and a person who loves others. You’re a good person and you see the goodness in others. This energy vortex confirms your right to love and be loved.

The Heart Chakra needs healing when you experience emotional imbalances, upper back and shoulder problems or hand and wrist pain.

The Throat Chakra

Picture a blue ball glowing above your Heart Chakra, around your throat.

You activate your right and ability to honestly own and communicate your feelings from your Throat Chakra. 

Healing is required if you find yourself lying to others or have difficulty standing up for yourself and your values or if you allow others to verbally bully you into silent submission. Physically you may have issues with your throat or thyroid.

The Third Eye Chakra

Picture a purple ball glowing above your Throat Chakra, around the center of your forehead.

This vital Chakra enables you to make sense of the world around you more clearly, to correctly process information, and to understand what’s going on. 

Your Third Eye Chakra is disturbed when you are misled by false information, are disillusioned, or have trouble seeing things for what they really are. Physically this can include migraines, headaches or vision problems.

The Crown Chakra

Picture a white ball above your Third Eye Chakra, at the very top of your head.

Your Crown Chakra is the portal through which you experience your oneness with the universe. When all the other Chakras are aligned and healed, your connection is complete, and you enjoy calmness and a sense of serenity that enables you to deal with whatever challenges come along while realizing your full potential.

Your Crown Chakra requires healing if you are feeling insecure or are constructing your identity based on attachments to material things.

How do you heal Chakras?

Many of us let our bodies fall into disrepair because of inappropriate dietary or exercise habits. We sometimes do the same with our spirituality. Spirituality lives within each of us. We only must connect to it. In some ways, spirituality is like physical fitness; you must work at it, and you must learn proper techniques and refine those muscles.

The best way to connect with your spirituality is by working with a spiritual coach. Spiritual coaches have studied extensively and are specially trained to help you cast off the suffocating restrictions and limitations that you’ve been conditioned to accept, and to help you free yourself to cause more meaningful and fulfilling experiences in every aspect of your life.

Your spiritual coach will help you understand the energy forces that vibrate within you and teach you how to meditate in a manner that enables you to activate and heal your Chakras. Most importantly, you will learn how to take control of your life and feelings, to love and be loved, to cast aside anger and prejudice, and to lead a happier, more peaceful life.

Some effective ways to heal your Chakras can also include; a thorough meditation practice focused on your chakras, applying crystals to the chakras needing attention or having a Reiki session with a certified practitioner, to name a few. Book an in-person or virtual Crystal Reiki Healing Session with me at

Summing Up

You are a dynamic person who has the right to be happy and fulfilled. There lives within you the energy to fuel your transformation to a more peaceful and meaningful life. The key to unlocking this energy is to understand the seven main Chakras so that you can learn to activate and heal them through learned acts of meditation. A spiritual coach can help you understand your inner energy and meditation techniques that will enable you to connect with it to create a more meaningful life. If you are looking for a spiritual life coach, contact me today.

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